Safety Glass

Improve security of your property with safety glass

Safety Glass Regulations cover what types of glass can be installed into windows, doors and other glazing locations. It must be used in all door glass, conservatories, and any windows next to doors or lower than the standard height, by law. The building regulations are in place to protect people from injury.

Deter intruders

Safety glass is also a great way to add that extra bit of security to your property, especially for commercial properties that could be left unattended overnight. Safety glass makes it less likely for your windows to break and less likely to pose a threat to your family when broken.

What security glass do we use?

Toughened glass - processed by heat and chemical treatments to increase strength.


 Laminated glass - This is glass that has two or more layers of toughened or annealed glass.  


Wired glass – this glass has a grid of wire mesh inside the glass for extra security even when glass is broken. Can be either clear or obscured.

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